"One and Zero" by Norg
Created by norg
Current owner digital_art
Last sold for 10 KCAL • $0.37


A limited-edition certified NFT exclusively on Phantasma. Artist Statement "My digital artwork, One and Zero, is created to be worth double its value at purchase. This work asks the question what is art worth to you? If the tokens in this NFT are worth more than the Art itself then burn it. Or keep the Art. Norg is the Artist Name for the Artist Angus Giorgi. This purchase entitles you to ownership of a limited edition NFT print of the artwork only. © Copyright Angus Giorgi, 2021


NFT ID89128630637431660598190291504519906856526243294008083245228452925346344092421Series ID1282Smart ContractGHOSTBlockchainPhantasmaRoyalties10%