Saving Throw - EPIC WIN! 🙌
Created by liquizard
Current owner digital_art
Last sold for 5 SOUL • $2.66


You role 1 x D20 and make your saving throw! For example: ★ You feel some resistance as you open the chest lid and stop ★ On your tip-toes you sneak up behind the orc and clobber him ★ A sparkle catches your eye from that mouse hole in the corner of the room ★ The pie tastes funny and you spit it out - it lands on the shoes of the old crone ★ You skillfully lift the keys from the merchant's pocket and make a swift escape Made with ❤️ by Liquizard


NFT ID81084094658026005047539094750106603411256495805425756584138938099127139664029Series ID3649Smart ContractGHOSTBlockchainPhantasmaRoyalties20%