The Bestowner
Created by kavimaz
Current owner mannymoe
Last sold for 3,000 SOUL • $1,591.31


Only one of this piece will be ever minted, 3464x3464px (24mb png) artwork as unlockable. "The Bestowner" it's an artistic representation of Lord Satan sitting above reallity. With an easily recognizable face and and an abstract as clothes in my very own signature style (unique created solely for this pice) this complex piece combines different glitching techniques, hand draw, 3d surface and photo manipulation to make a beautiful and iconic end result with very fine detail that invites you to fi


NFT ID70749573412906876307239362361803007772350400990316755025775784370121412162171Series ID360Smart ContractGHOSTBlockchainPhantasmaRoyalties10%