SoulPunk #218
Created by recon
Last sold for 29.1 SOUL • $49.18


WELCOME TO THE "SOULPUNKS" NFT COLLECTIBLE PROJECT ON THE PHANTASMA BLOCKCHAIN! This project is not affiliated with LARVA LABS. A Special thanks to them for being such a huge inspiration to so many. This project is a homage and respect to CryptoPunks while having fun creating and minting new unique Punks on the Phantasma Chain for new users to be able to collect that missed out on previous chain Punks. All Punks are being minted randomly and all are a unique NFT collectible.


NFT ID55399930176613270226096877978397191728118370798801703871440429432235673590434Series ID6070Smart ContractGHOSTBlockchainPhantasmaRoyalties9%