Takeaway Thieves - Spider
Created by P2KB...7duA
Last sold for 891 SOUL • $1,372.14


Spider by Takeaway Thieves taken off 9 You will own 10% of the song and will receive performance. radio and streaming royalties. In Locked content you will have the Mastered 24bit Wav song with animated video, album and song artwork, lyrics and TTNFT ad video. First time buyers will also receive a Limited Edition TTNFT Tshirt. And your name in the credits on the album. Written and performed: Takeaway Thieves Produced : Dave Draper Artwork : Simon Barraclough ©Takeaway Thieves Music 2021


NFT ID49070320464091568673875152257248241845440916240921872975147594266021119166161Series ID5160Smart ContractGHOSTBlockchainPhantasmaRoyalties10%