The Shattered CROWN
Created by soulmaster3000
Last sold for 75 SOUL • $114.75


The Shattered CROWN The CROWN shattered into 111 pieces. Scattered all over Phantasma. The next 10 days, Shattered Crown NFTs will be sent to active Phantasma Wallets, 10 pieces will be sold on Ghostmarket and some pieces will be distributed on Twitter. Rules: Acquire 10 pieces, create a new NFT and infuse the 10 pieces. Be the first and send the NFT to the address soulmaster3000 Be active, sell, buy & trade and maybe you can put on the CROWN Mint #2131.


NFT ID4197244770259350815423026692422106288336687776211079436486083996607878381632Series ID368Smart ContractGHOSTBlockchainPhantasmaRoyalties50%