StickMen - JUMBO
Created by P2K9...W7e3


My 4 year old wanted to help create an NFT and we ended up doing a whole 8-piece series. Each character was drawn and named by my son. I scanned them and cleaned up the noise a bit. The original work is two sets of four drawings each. The scans have been uploaded to IPFS and the hash for each set split across the NFT's locked content. Collect all 4 items in the set to assemble the hash and find the original drawing. Set 1: BABY, PAPER, PAINT, KAPER Set 2: TERRY, KOOKAA, KERRY, JUMBO


NFT ID15798206343881155912333427445654045609815776026156992189932858323405614767174Series ID4178Smart ContractGHOSTBlockchainPhantasmaRoyalties15%