monotron. // clip7
Created by mark0pol0
Last sold for 7 SOUL • $12.18


_ _welcome to the monotron sound files._ _ // - this is an abstract sound art piece meant to evoke nameless emotions. - // 0:04 | there are 51 sound clips total, each increasing in length, with clip1 being the shortest and clip51 being the longest. | 7:50 $$$ each sound token is minted unique 1/1. each token's original listing value is its clip number in SOUL (clip1 = 1 SOUL, clip51 = 51 SOUL) $$$ upon purchase, you will gain access to the unique link for the sound file.


NFT ID11470125756588817800209679290316350646800889183404571034902300731565049827605Series ID3469Smart ContractGHOSTBlockchainPhantasmaRoyalties10%