Doctor Manhattan
Created by nikollectibles
Current owner mannymoe
Last sold for 1,050 KCAL • $38.91


Collect this Niksi of most powerful being, who has rose above all humanbeings. Is he a god? well, many people be believe so, ---- Niksies are a collection of unique cute portraits of distinct persona's, famous characters and personalities. Well, everyone is a fan of something or someone. ---- You deserve more than just an image when you buy this Niksi. Locked Contents: 1 X Hi-Res Image for print (4000x4000px) 1 X Mobile Wallpaper 1 X Desktop Wallpaper 1 X Timelapse of the process


NFT ID105063138842866159580941550893837749096348885505134769352651087547056268938138Series ID3615Smart ContractGHOSTBlockchainPhantasmaRoyalties10%