Ricko James - Samurai Sword
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Limited 1 of 5 Package: 1x copy of 24bit wav file “Samurai Sword” 1x original Artwork 1x Lyric Video 2x alternative artwork by father.s.back (instagram) 2x unreleased photos of Max Livant & Ricko James 1x Lyric Sheet 1x unreleased Ricko James Beat (24 bit wav) After reaching over 7 million combined views on various streaming platforms, the Saga continues. Samurai Sword is the very first installment between Luxembourgish producer Ricko James and Canadian rapper Livant.


NFT ID104515203014238351417659650907624060783684542921950456960701447571092925727048Series ID1169Smart ContractGHOSTBlockchainPhantasmaRoyalties10%