Elixir - Digital Hustle
Created by nironized
Current owner P2KE...ypmc
Last sold for 200 SOUL • $570


Inspired by NFTs & the crypto world, I imagined what it should be if it was physically tangible. Here is my first piece, hope you'll like it! Here is a link to listen the whole beat: Youtube Limited Edition 1 of 1 Music & 3D Animation NFT Unlockable Content: - Complete MP4 file with beat + 3D animation - Beat WAV File (24-bit/96khz) - All separated instruments (STEMS) from the original project - 3D Animation full quality (2160x2160, 60 images/s)


NFT ID101715693798125050243705427685597172851594443717065697038530579734392271064259Series ID2970Smart ContractGHOSTBlockchainPhantasmaRoyalties10%